Bikur Cholim

Bikur Cholim, "visiting the sick," in Hebrew, is a term encompassing a wide range of activities performed by an individual or a group to provide comfort and support to people who are ill, homebound, isolated and/or otherwise in distress. Bikur Cholim can include such activities as: visiting patients in a hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home; visiting people who are restricted to their home because of physical or psychological impairment or social isolation; taking people who are ill or impaired on errands or field trips; providing telephone contact and reassurance to those who are ill or homebound.

At B'nai Torah we recognize that when times are difficult, people need a friend, perhaps an ear to listen, perhaps some help.  We do not take these things for granted. Often, we can be mistaken and assume "someone else" is taking care of matters.

Our Bikur Cholim Program is sensitive to our member's needs. We are there when we are needed.

To volunteer your time or any service you can offer please contact the Shul office at 416-226-3700 Ext: 21 or the Bikur Cholim Committee chairperson - Gershon Pick through the office.