Thought of the Week: Toldos - 5773


      Do you share everything with your spouse? I do not expect people to answer this question, however we can all agree that not all marriages are the same. Some are of the opinion that “You can tell the health of a marriage by the number of teeth marks on your tongue." Others believe that secrets are unhealthy for a marriage.

    What always amazes me is the fact that our matriarch Rivkah was informed about the destiny of her unborn infants, and yet, she was not compelled to share the information with Yitzchak. Some commentators feel that Rivkah was not authorized to tell others about the prophecy given to her regarding the children. 

    Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin of Volozhin notes that the relationship between Rivkah and Yitzchak was one where the former was in awe of the latter. This unique relationship came into play the moment Rivkah saw Yitzchak for the first time and covered herself with the veil. Consequently she was not able to ask-or direct-her husband as her mother-in-law Sarah did, but needed to maneuver wisely to achieve what she viewed as correct.

    The result of the unconventional dynamics of their household make the narrative of this weeks Paresha quite fascinating.

    Shabbat Shalom