Thought of the Week: Lech Lecha - 5776


Before Avram and Sarai finished unpacking from their trip to the promised land, the famine gave them no choice but to pack up again and descend to Egypt.  According to tradition this was a test.  Unfortunately we as Jews are being tested again.

Our people are facing attacks from stones, knives and guns.  Jewish blood is being spilled.

Yet, world leaders and the media view the victims as perpetrators. 

As committed Torah Jews we must be concerned and act.  As many wonderful individuals and organizations are fighting the PR battle, we must, as well, strengthen ourselves spiritually and try to make our Teffilot more meaningful.    

The Talmud notes that the Land of Israel was given through suffering.  We pray for an end of this suffering with the coming of the Moshiach and the complete redemption.

Shabbat Shalom