Thought of the Week: Lech Lecha - 5779


 The first step of Avram‘s journey from his birthplace to the land of Canaan was a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind.  The impact of the actions of our seventy-five-year-old ancestor, and his wife Sarai, are reverberating to this very day.

Avram’s entry into the land promised to him by Hashem was more than an arrival at a destination.  It was a grand entry of a devoted teacher into his classroom. From that moment on, this man and his offspring are to become a beacon to humanity. All existential questions that stir the thinking mind can find tranquility in the teachings of the first Jew.

As we study the story of the couple that transformed humanity, it is fundamental to remember that the presence of the Jew in the land of Israel is to inspire the world and indeed view the land as a teacher views his classroom.

The first location reached by Avram and Sarai was the Plain of Moreh, the plain of the teacher. This is a clear message for them and us that the task as educators has begun.

Shabbat Shalom