Thought of the Week: Tezaveh, Ki Sisa - 5774


A week ago, in my sermon I mentioned a Falafel store "Miznon Ruchama" I use to frequent as a child in Yerushalaim.  The message was about the proprietor and his childhood in the Mamilla neighborhood.  Mamilla, between the years 1948 and 1967, was a depressing and gloomy part of Yerushalaim.  In the early years of the state it became home to new immigrants.  Poverty and insecurity, due to the Jordanian soldiers positioned a few meters away, became part of the daily routine.

The message contrasted the disheartening past to the encouraging present.  The unification of Yerushalaim is something to celebrate.  At the same time we must focus on Jewish unity to bring about the complete redemption.

Several people were interested in getting some more information about the Falafel store.  So next time you are in the Holy City, make your way to 39 David Yellin street in the Machane Yehuda neighborhood and enjoy a delicacy made by a person who has lived the dream of returning home to Zion, and playing a part in the building of a Jewish home for our nation.  Tell him your rabbi sent you…...   

Shabbat Shalom