Thought of the Week: Tazria - 5779


This Shabbat, being that it is Rosh Chodesh and Pareshat Hachodesh, we will have a unique privilege of taking three Torah scrolls out of the Ark.  In the Pareshat Hachodesh section, we read from the book of Shemot.  There, Moshe is shown by Hashem the new moon, and is told to teach the nation about the Mitzvah of proclaiming the new month and establishing Nisan as the beginning of the months of the year.

The message of this portion is one of renewal.  Just as nature goes through a rebirth in the springtime, so too we must reignite our enthusiasm towards life and rekindle our commitment to Torah, and its values, during this period.  As we prepare for Pesach, we must recognize the great potential of this season by tapping into the spiritual wellspring of our faith and find within ourselves the tools to rejuvenate our love of Torah and our engagement with the needs of Klal Yisrael.  In addition, we must keep in mind that any Jewish renewal, like the moon, must be coupled with a reflection of a greater light - the light of Hashem.

May we all merit to maximize this wonderful season with happiness, meaning and fulfillment, and accordingly, fully enjoy the Chag.

Shabbat Shalom