Thought of the Week: Yisro - 5777


The Torah introduces the Ten Commandments with the following Pasuk; "Hashem spoke all these statements saying." Commentators explain that the word “saying,” that appears at the end of the verse, is to command all those who were present during Maamad Har Sinai-the revelation at Sinai-to take it upon themselves to say it over to others.

A core belief of Judaism is the veracity of the revelation at Sinai. The generation that experienced it, shared it with their children and grandchildren. Thus, they fulfilled their part in doing the Mitzvah of “saying.”

However, this commandment was not just for the ones alive at that time. In every era, when we teach Torah and inspire the next generation to fulfill the true mission of the people of Israel, we join our ancestors in “saying. “

The Talmud teaches that whoever teaches his child Torah, the verse ascribes him credit as though he taught him, and his son, and his son’s son, until the end of all generations.

On this Shabbat, when hearing the words of the Aseret Hadibrot, the Ten Commandments, let’s remember our privilege, and responsibility, in being part of the most significant chain known to humanity.

Shabbat Shalom