Thought of the Week: Korach - 5771


The Midrash notes that Korach, despite instigating a foolish rebellion against Moshe, was a wise man.  His problem was that he saw, prophetically, that he would have a very special offspring by the name of Shmuel.  David Hamelech in Tehillim, chapter ninety-nine, compares Shmuel to Moshe and Aharon by stating “Moshe and Aharon were among his priests, Shmuel was among those who called on his name; they called on Hashem and he answered them.”  Thus Korach was confident that he indeed would survive and triumph.  However he failed to foresee that his sons would back out of the rebellion, repent and survive, while he would not.

The Torah of Moshe is a book that guides the Jew to live in the “Now” and make decisions based on the present.  All choices in life are to be made based on the information available at the time of decision.

People who turn to soothsayers or believe that astrology can solve the many dilemmas humans face throughout life, by having a glimpse into their destiny, are guaranteed to fail.

Shabbat Shalom.