Thought of the Week: Shemos - 5777


“Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Yosef.”

Change is natural and should be expected when a new leader is handed the reins of power.  No two chiefs are alike, and thus, shift in policy is the norm.  Yet, when a ruler chooses to forget, and does not appreciate the good done by a person, who saved his nation from calamity, during years of famine, he is nothing but a flawed ruler.

Forgetting or ignoring Yosef was the harbinger to the bitter enslavement of the children of Israel.  Dismissing the unique role of the Jewish people is the first step to their maltreatment.

As the United States of America inaugurates a new leader, and a new era, we beseech the creator for the success of the new president.  We hope and pray that the Trump administration never forgets the promise to recognize the value of the nation of Yosef, and their capital Yerushalaim.

Shabbat Shalom