Thought of the Week: Toldos - 5780


Over the last few weeks, we read in the Torah many stories about the Patriarchs and wells.  On a basic level, it appears that as they were settling and expanding their influence in the Land of Canaan, they needed to create sources of water.  Commentators add that the wells symbolize Torah.  Just as a person needs water for physical survival, so too Torah is needed for a person to survive spiritually.  Thus, the information given to us regarding the wells that are dug by Avraham and Yitzchak are teaching us that they were involved in spiritual education and were attempting to guide a pagan society onto the path of Hashem.

Later, as the family of Israel turned into a nation, a shift occurred and the focus of our nation was to work on its own development.

Nevertheless, we must always remember that ultimately we are to follow the path of the Patriarchs and in the words of Isaiah, "Become a light unto the nations."

Shabbat Shalom