Thought of the Week: Vayeitzei - 5779


"[Yaakov] had a dream in which he saw a ladder resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of Hashem were ascending and descending on it."

Many different insights are given to the symbolism of Yaakov's dream. Several note that the ladder, the device that connects lower and upper floors, is a symbol of the link between heaven and earth. Rabbinic tradition teaches that the location where Yaakov slept, and had his dream, was the mountain destined to be the place of the future Beit Hamikdash. Thus, what we are being told is that the location which connects the spiritual realm to the physical world is Yerushalaim and the Beit Hamikdash.

However, what is important for us to remember, is that Yerushalaim is more than just a location on the map, it is a way of thinking. Yerushalaim inspires us to be mindful of the significance of what we do and the spiritual ramifications of our physical acts. The ladder of Yaakov travels with us wherever we go, if we are mindful of the impact we are having on the unseen realm.

Shabbat Shalom